Winning the major jackpot at an online slot game is practically a one in a million chance, and most players would be thrilled to hit it just once. Yet for one lucky player, one jackpot wasn't enough. "Gary S" from has just hit his fifth major progressive slots jackpot in only a year!

For his most recent win, Gary S was playing at the progressive slot game "Cash Splash" at 32Red, hoping to win the five-figure prize it had reached. The Cash Splash is just one of the 17 different progressive games available at the online casino. Despite being one of the 'smaller' progressive jackpots on offer, the Cash Splash is one of those rare games that are triggered quite often – as Gary S will surely agree with!

Hitting the major jackpot on the Cash Splash two weeks ago was Gary S' fifth major win this year, and the total prize pool he has taken home thus far stands at no less than an incredible $100,000. Yet Gary S is hoping to push the bar even further and take his winning streak to a total of 6 major jackpots. What's more, he plans on doing so within the next month – before the one year anniversary of his initial big win.

The Chas Splash has currently been reset to its starting amount – £15,000 – yet due to the recent win, players are again scrambling to make it theirs, and it has already been boosted up to £17,000. As for 32Red's biggest progressive jackpot – the Mega Moolah, which once reached a jaw-dropping £6.2 million – execs recommend players turn there for a truly memorable prize. As such, there are also some amazingly huge progressive jackpots still waiting to be hit at Prestige Casino and 21nova. 
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It seems as though it is the month for winning, with yet another lucky player being awarded a major online casino jackpot. This time it was Sandra from online casino Planet23, who was playing the Real Gangster slot machine and scored big for an amazing $93,000.

The most incredible thing about Sandra's win was that she had only been playing at the online casino for 3 months before hitting big, and at the game itself had only been trying for 12 minutes. In a recent interview, Sandra claimed that she has always been a fan of online slot games, and as an Italian, frequents to the many casinos there to play land-based ones as well. She had never really won, such that her win came as a complete shock to her, to the point where she was so excited that she couldn’t even sleep that night. Within minutes of the win she had been contacted by the casinos support staff, and the following day spoke with the CEO himself of Planet23, Danny Lerner. If that wasn't enough service for you, then only 2 days later was she awarded with her first payment!

Lerner explained that big winners are the most pleasing thing for the casino to hear about, since they show other players that it can really happen and also that the payment is quick and simple. Human contact between the online casino staff and the players is also an important aspect to Planet23, which aspires for players to feel safe and confident about where they are depositing their hard-earned money.

You too can try your hand at a big win at one of the enormous jackpots now on offer at EuroGrand Casino, Joyland Casino and 21nova. Today might be your lucky day! 
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